Magento 2

Magento 2 : Key points of naming convention

In magento 2 below are few key points for naming convention followed within framework/cms. Layout files: routename_controller_actionname.xml Here, route name is defined inside below directories respectively for admin and frontend. Admin Route: app/code/Vendor_Module/etc/adminhtml/routes.xml Frontend Route: app/code/Vendor_Module/etc/frontend/routes.xml There is only one difference in routes configuration, for admin routes id=”admin” and for frontend routes id=”standard” is used. And …

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Magento 2 : Common cli commands

Common cli commands

While developing with Magento 2 (aka. M2 ), we need to run several commands for upgrading database schema, updating dependencies and generating interceptor, proxies, factories. Below is list of commonly used M2 cli commands. php bin/magento It lists all the availble cli commands in M2. deploy:mode:set developer It’s used to set developer mode in application. …

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